How Ronni Can Sell Your Product - Ronni's role as spokesperson and author offers people the increasingly needed opportunity to be more organized in their very demanding lives. If you have a product or service that solves an organizational problem, an endorsement by Ronni, whether presented in editorial coverage, promoted on talk shows or during in-store events - is a powerful, effective marketing tool.

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Past clients who have benefited:

Borden Foods Corporation - Spring cleaning, simple routines, and eliminating kitchen chaos for better organization was the focus of Ronni's media tour promotion as she introduced It's Pasta Anytime™, a new pasta meal from Classico®.

logo bostonMarketBoston Market - Ronni presented, in a Radio Satellite Media Tour, numerous tips on how to slow down and enjoy the holidays. She offered ways to de-stress and simplify this hectic time of year by promoting Boston Market as the perfect food for holiday dinners.

logo cocaColaCoca-Cola Company - Ronni showed viewers, in a Satellite Media Tour, how to save 30 minutes a day in the kitchen. By demonstrating Coca- Cola's new "Fridge Pack" and its slimmer 12 pack features, Ronni discussed storage, shopping and family tips. She also promoted easy and elegant entertainment for the holidays.

logo dayRunnerDay Runner, Inc. - Ronni successfully promoted a collection of their calendar systems. She presented the impressive results of Day Runner's survey on how people spend their time, and what they want more of in their lives. She gave invaluable tips on how to get organized for the new year with Day Runner, Inc. and get control over one's life.

logo dukinDonutsDunkin Donuts - Life Style Expert, Ronni showcased Holiday Office Gifts and gift cards in a fun year-end promotion for Dunkin Donuts.

logo floridaOrangeJuiceFlorida Orange Juice - As The Personal Morning Management Guru, Ronni has traveled to over 12 key markets, on behalf of the Florida Orange Growers, sharing family-tested techniques for taming "A.M. Mayhem". Called the "Best Start Under The Sun" mobile exhibit, the $20 million advertising and promotion campaign helped families to get organized and make time for a healthy breakfast.

logo lillianVernonLillian Vernon - Storage items were selected for a room-by-room organizational makeover engineered by Ronni for Ladies Home Journal,. credited on-page and in the buyer's guide. Other Lillian Vernon products were promoted through lectures and radio interviews.

logo mastercardMasterCard - In a satellite media tour for MasterCard, Ronni promoted Lunch for a Lifetime discussing the healthy benefits of carving out personal time.

logo pfizerPharmacia Corporation - Time-challenged women around the country received expert advice on how to balance their lives at home and at work. Through a series of workshops sponsored by Pharmacia Corporation, makers of Lunelle™ Monthly Contraceptive Injection and the National Association for Female Executives, Ronni conducted a hands-on program What Women Want™: Control that identified the daily activities that consume time and generate unnecessary stress while sharing strategies to overcome these obstacles.

logo postItNotesPost-it® Notes - Ronni showed the brilliantly simple and organizational benefits of this breakthrough product via a Satellite Media Tour. Tupperware and Palmolive participated in this co-op promotion featuring "Holiday Stress Busters" on TV and through print media.

Post-it® Sortable Cards - Ronni created customized organizing systems using Post-it Sortable Cards to help simplify one's life both at work and at home. She discussed the benefits of using the cards to other professional organizers at the National Association of Professional Organizers conference.

logo scottScott Paper Company - Scott Towels Always-at-Hand® was featured in more than 20 media interviews with Ronni.


Sterling Drugs, Inc. - How to organize your home (and medicine chest) for the cold and flu season was the creative media hook for this national publicity campaign.

logo vaselineVaseline Intensive Care Baby Products - Ronni showcased these superb products by showing how to set up and organize a nursery.

All Small & Mighty
Bed Bath & Beyond
Borden Foods Corp.
Boston Market
Coca Cola Company
Day Runner, Inc.
Dunkin Donuts
Florida Orange Juice

Individual Software, Inc. Lillian Vernon
Pharmacia Corporation
Sam’s Club
Scott Paper Company
Sterling Drugs, Inc.
The 3M Company
Vaseline Intensive Care Baby Products

Special Events
Ronni created a series of 15 department store programs designed to attract media coverage, build foot traffic and generate sales.

Participating stores included:
Bloomingdales, Dayton's, G.Fox, Gimbels, Jordan Marsh, Joske's, Macy's, Miller Rhoads, Millers, Rike's, Sanger Harris, William Block

Ronni participated in a special media event for Pond's to help launch a new product, Clear Solutions™.
To celebrate the new Staples Office Store in Danvers, MA, Ronni created several in-store events, "Get Your Act Together for Small Businesses."
As part of a panel of experts selected to introduce Real Simple Magazine to the media, Ronni demonstrated the benefits of organization.